Service Concept

Service Concept
Service Concept

Safe, Accompanying, Growing, Successful

In recent years, an obvious trend shows that there more younger students are willing to study aboard, the United States is the most popular target country for those students. NIESL, as an international education service company which focuses on assisting American high schools’ admissions in Asian-Pacific region introduces the concept of Safe, Accompanying, Growing, Successful from students and their parents’ perspectives.

Safe: the safety of students has always been our primary concern, and it is also the first and biggest concern for parents while their child study abroad. NIESL put the students’ safety in the first place, from airport pick-up, professors and students’ security awareness, Homestay arrangement, to the follow up in campus, every step will be covered by us to guarantee the safety of our students.

Accompanying: NIESL provides comprehensive aftercare services to students, those services can be customized by the students and parents in terms of every aspect of living and study to make sure students can have a wonderful experience of study abroad and healthy growth of mental and physical.

Successful: Our ultimate goal is to make our students become international elites with social responsibility.

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